Continuing the ego trip on which I seem, for whatever reason, to have embarked, I figure the time has finally come to furnish my site with the obligatory "videogaming-based editorial" section. So, after a week of vacillating, as I always do before expanding the site's breadth, between doing and not doing, I fell into the former camp. In that spirit, I unveil "The Stump" -- an image of 1840s oratory put to use, not a little pompously, in a thoroughly 1990s forum (hey, I said I was on an ego trip. I figure we're all allowed one every now and again -- oh no, I'm rationalizing!)

If you have an editorial you want to submit, send it on over! Just please adhere to the following requests.

1) Proofread at least once - By proofread, I don't mean simply run a spellchecker. Read over your copy at least once to assure quality. I won't do it for you. Don't get compulsive because of this demand, though -- residual errors happen sometimes, and I'm willing to turn a blind eye on occasion.

2) No irregular capitalization/mechanics - Due respect to e.e. cummings, but I prefer that you observe the standard rules of capitalization and punctuation.

3) Be topical/relevant - This is nothing more than a request that your commentary have something to do with classic videogaming -- either a system (Pong! through SNES, chronologically speaking), a topic of debate, a personal memory, or a specific game (but I don't want it in the form of an objective review).

4) Don't submit editorials in a word-processor-specific format - I prefer, unless your work exceeds two and a half single-spaced pages in length, that you submit it in the body of the message. Otherwise, please stick to "plain text".

5) Identify both your work and yourself - Please give a title to your editorial, and provide your own name or a suitable alias.

6) Choose background music/graphics - Select a song (in MIDI format) and one or two graphics that you want to accompany your editorial. If you do not make these selections, I will assume you do not want any such accompaniment.

And now, the "archive."

Title Author Classification(s) Date Posted
When an Empire is Struck Back Turambar Editorial, History 10-2-99
The Inevitable "What's Wrong With the NES Scene" Article Mike Craig Editorial 8-11-99
A Brush With Modern Gaming and What It Taught Me Mike Craig Editorial/Reflection 8-11-99
EarthBound: A Bildungsroman... (very long) Mike Craig Interpretation 8-6-99
"Bastardizing" Turambar Editorial 7-28-99
Preeminent Prejudice in a Post-Praetorian Paradise Scott Wallace Editorial 7-24-99
Where Did They Go Wrong? TsuramiSea Editorial 7-20-99
The True Plot of Dragon Warrior Tim Connolly Interpretation 7-15-99
A Millenial Invocation, Etc. Andy Franklin Editorial, Reflection, Litany 7-9-99
My Advice to Novice Webmasters Mike Craig Editorial, Reflection 5-1-99
A Belated Response to Assorted Moral Criticisms of the NES Mike Craig Rebuttal 3-14-99

Editorial Disclaimer
Other than those of my own creation, the articles contained in this section do not necessarily reflect my opinions, nor have I altered them, except in regard to the conversion to HTML, from their original forms (translation: Don't blame me for the grammatical errors in an editorial if I didn't write it.) As for my own work, here's the deal: If the opinions expressed in my own commentaries cause offense to any reader, I apologize -- not, mind you, for the opinion, but for any possible failure on my part to express said view in a tactful way.

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