A Millenial Invocation, Etc.

Author: Andy Franklin

It's time that people gave the Nintendo some credit (where credit is severely due). It is my opinion that the NES is the greatest game console of all time. Period. And i ask all those "Quakers" what would they do if the NES would never have happened. They all say they wouldn't do anything but i believe that they would. Because if the NES had never been made they wouldn't have been playing some game where all you do is decapitate people. Now I am only 16 years old but I know as well as anybody what the NES means for our culture. I remember getting my NES in september of 1987(yes i was 4). I remember carrying that huge box (well it was at the time) out to our car. I must have been the happiest boy on the face of the earth. And my parents understood. They let me stay up and play it allllll night till my thumbs got red and I got blisters. I never did save the princess that night (the princess is in another castle). But it was then that is still etched into my memory, and forever will be. So i ask you, all of you gamers everywhere on December 31 1999 to put down your thousand button controllers and go into the closet dust off that old Nintendo, take out some of those old games and instead of playing Quake play Cabal. Instead of NFL Blitz, how about Tecmo Bowl? Instead of Triple Play 2000, why not a game of R.B.I. Baseball? Instead of Final Fantasy Seven how about the original. Because that is what i did. The other day i took my Nintendo out and got Super Mario Bros and I was bound and determined to beat it and I am happy to say I did, twice through. And I must tell you that I felt proud. And since then I haven't put my controller down.

Today I can say I have beaten 37 games in total (and I'm proud of it). So do like I said and take out the old Nintendo and watch the movie "The Wizard", and maybe, just maybe, a sentimental tear will come to your eye. And if you dont have a NES then maybe you should stop playing games altogether. I hate to sound to corny (but maybe I should) because if you didn't keep your Nintendo then may Mario come and jump on your heads because my friends you have forgotten you roots.

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