Updates from 1998

Another paltry update, I'm afraid. I would imagine that you're all getting tired of these minor additions. I do promise that I'll add something in the way of a review before the end of this week (whether abridged or full I don't yet know. I may take my accrued holiday cabbage to some vendor and expand my NES collection beyond the illustrious "100" mark -- which would mean numerous abridged reviews. Even if I do end up doing that, I'll try to fit a full one into my timetable.)

Onto the updates....

I added three new links, fixed a couple of errors in the MIDI Library (including my little "Mega Man Title Theme" debacle -- as it turns out, the song isn't from an NES game at all), and added two new "Frequently Asked Questions." I also updated one link to connect to the site's current location, and eliminated another. Anyone who knows what happened to "Gromit's Nintendo Wasteland," please tell me.

An overwhelming addition, isn't it? Well, in examining the entire NES web scene, I notice rough going all around. The majority of sites have not been updated in some time. I guess most webmasters lack the audacity to call such trifling additions as mine "updates."

Anyway, I promise I'll add something to the review section soon.

Still alive, despite academia's best efforts. I have literally not had a free moment -- other than sleep -- in two weeks (okay, so I could have updated any of the past three days, but I had ample holiday shopping that demanded my attention.) Thus, I was wholly unable to prevent that for which I now apologize -- the second longest hiatus in this site's brief history.

Anyway, I've added several new MIDIs:
Bomberman - Getting an Upgrade
The Guardian Leegend - Level 2; Corridor 1; Messages from "The Survivor"
Kirby's Adventure - (Different) Butter Building
Marble Madness (new section) - Beginner Race
Ultima: Quest of the Avatar (new section) - Lord British's Castle

Also, for those of you who have mailed me requesting links, I'll get to those as soon as possible. Until then, happy holidays.

Not what I'd call a paramountly huge update -- or even one of much size at all.

Anyway, I've added two new links, the requests for which I left sitting in my inbox for more time than I should have. So, although I've already done so personally, I'd like to apologize to the proprietors of those two sites for the delay. Sorry, fellows.

Ah... Christmas Special week. Sure, some consider it childish, but I love watching those animated fables and allegories -- mostly as a way of connecting with my early youth. Rudolph aired last night, and, in turn, I'd like to pose two questions:

1) How can a snowman have a goatee? (Assuming it's not a snow-goatee.)

2) "How would you like to be a choo-choo with square wheels on your caboose?"

Whew, I'm silly.

Sorry it's been so long, but, if it's any kind of restitution, I have voluntarily updated the site on Thanksgiving Day.

While with the variety of sales and contantly-pushed-back mall decoration dates it seems that the holiday season now begins around mid-August, I am (as the existence of this site probably implies) of the "old school" mindset. Thus, I prefer to acknowledge the traditional beginning of the holiday season -- the end of the Macy's Parade.

In honor of the dawn of this season, I have elected to upload a Holiday MIDI Collection. It is linked by way of the NES MIDI Library, for those who will want to access it again.

Various MIDIs in that collection will accompany the front page until the first update of 1999.

Now, why is it still so bloody warm? WHERE'S THE SNOW?!

I've added a review of Tecmo Super Bowl.

I'm too tired to think of anything funny (which, I'm aware, implies that I am funny with some kind of regularity.)

Oh, by the way, The NES Enshrined recently received its 10,000th hit.

There are a couple of different updates today, which, on the whole, still don't amount to very much.

First, I've been sent yet more information regarding Nintendo Cereal, which can be found (for those of you who don't know) in the "Other" subsidiary of the NES Media section.

Also, there are now three new MIDIs:
Mega Man V - Charge Man Stage (New Version)
Rush 'n Attack (new section) - Level 1
Super Dodge Ball (new section) - Vs. All-Stars

Finally -- and on a somewhat immaterial note -- The NES Enshrined has received an award from "NEScene." It is posted on the front page, and is linked to the site that awarded it.

I know this isn't very much, but the only earnest updates I can produce require more time than was available to me this past weekend, and the coming one doesn't look as though it will be much less burdensome. Sorry.

Oh, by the way, I should mention that The Video Game Lair is presently running an award poll -- in the vein of the Nester Awards, but more involved -- that covers the entire span of the NES' existence. If you're at all interested, be sure to check it out.

Fact of the day: .......Uh.............. Oranges are orange..........

Can't believe I froze like that.

First, I should apologize for having not updated last weekend, but I simply didn't have time, what with having purchased thirteen new NES games. Also, I should probably have mentioned that I was going out of town this weekend. Oh well, I managed to update anyway.

Moving on, I spent the preceding week getting a handle on the aforementioned thirteen games, and, today, have posted abridged reviews of each of them. For your reference, those games are:

720, Alpha Mission, Baseball, Bases Loaded II, Hoops, Jackal, Jeopardy!, Spot: The Video Game, Strider, Super Dodge Ball, Super Pitfall, Track & Field II, Xexyz.

Yeah, I know this isn't exactly a mammoth update, but a large part of it was caught up in my getting to know the games.

Quote of the Day: "White trash is the only natural resource this country will never run out of." -Becker, as portrayed by Ted Danson (the sshow is yet to premiere, but I heard the line in a promotion.)

Yeah, it's kind of irritable, but I'm too tired to think of an uplifting quote.

Looking retrospectively at my update messages, one might get the impression that I'm tired all the time. Not so -- I just seem occasionally inept at planning ahead... Or maybe the days are just too short. Granted, today's advent of Daylight Savings Time might serve to shoot a few holes in that theory.

Less than two weeks after stating that I don't have time to write full reviews, I find the time. Today, I've written a review of Godzilla, linked to it in all the necessary places, and fixed the messed-up link to the Nintendo Review Archive (NRA). Also, I added a bit more explanation to the "Review Rating Priorities" page.

As an aside, don't think that my quota of work has lessened to the point that I'll be able to update more frequently/write more full reviews. This being a long weekend, I had a bit more free time to work on the site, and thus was able to get the review written. This weekend has just shaped up well. Scanning the proverbial horizon, I'm sad to say that the forecast doesn't seem so promising.

As for the "addition" I mentioned in the previous update, I've postponed creating it yet again. I don't know when -- or if -- it will ever be posted. Oh well...

Fact of the Day: Istanbul was Constantinople. Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople. Been a long time gone.... Well, I think those of you They Might Be Giants fans know where I'm going with this.

I'm aware that the site has been fairly inactive lately, but my quota of work doesn't seem to be abating in the least, and I doubt it will any time soon. If it seems to you that I've been whining lately about my work, you're right. However, I only continue making mention of it to reiterate that I wish I could do more.

To that end, I've come up with an addition to the site that will make updating a little easier for me, and simultaneously allow me to update with more depth. However, it isn't ready yet, so, I fear to say, I can offer only a few MIDIs for now. They are:

Journey to Silius - Stage 3
Mega Man - Rock Monster
Super C (new section) - Stage 1, Stage 5, Stage 6

October is arts and humanities month. The arts enrich us all, though they make only a select few artists monetarily rich. Oh well, there are more important things in life...

I'll come up with something wittier when I have less of a head cold.

Yes, it has been a while, and I do apologize for the delay. However, I've been hard at work, utilizing the little free time I have to compose the Abridged Reviews page. This is orchestrated as my acknowledgement of the fact that I haven't been turning out many reviews lately, and my lack of free time prohibits my changing that matter. For that reason, I unveil this figurative library of small reviews. This one is complete, and will be updated each time I purchase new NES games in order to maintain that completeness.

Good evening. Also, for those who don't know, Mark McGwire's home run record stands at 70, thus furthering our society's fascination with multiples of five.

Well, I hope you are all prepared to be confronted with the unheralded Puny Update Number Two.

Seriously, my academic situation is weighting me with a good bit of work, and the fact that I'm suddenly incapable of concentrating when reading anything of an academic nature is not helping at all. That in mind, I wasn't able to get done for this weekend what I had thought was going to be ready. For that I apologize, but come to the admission that I can't promise with any certainty that this matter will be alleviated in the near future. What I can promise is that I will do what I can -- and really, that's all I'm ever able to promise, work or no work.

Anyway, I have, as a small "thank you" for continuing to frequent this site -- and to avoid inviting suspicion of my sudden death or indifference toward The NES Enshrined -- uploaded two MIDIs (your riotous exaltation I can only imagine.) They are:

Mega Man III - Final Battle
Mega Man V - Stone Man Stage

Also, there are a couple new NES Links.

As an aside, it has come to my knowledge Tim Connolly's Video Game Lair has elevated this site in its links section from "Above-Average" to "Premier." Though I don't have any idea why I deserve to share this distinction with the likes of Kurt Kalata, Bryan Cord, and "tsr," I couldn't be more gratified if I tried. Thank you much, Tim.

Sorry, I'm in kind of an award-recipient mindset, given that the Emmys are blaring as I sit here. Finally, some decent miniseries...

Anyway, please remember, The NES Enshrined is brought to you by the letter Q, the number 12, and the letter L.

I've made a vow to myself that, from now to the end of the calendar year, I'll not end a single update with "that's all."

Whoa! I almost let that one slip through.

Not a terribly huge update, but anyway...

Thanks in whole to Tim Connolly, I have added some additional information to the Audiovisual section of "NES Media" (more specifically, to the "Super Mario Bros. Super Show" and "Video Power" synopses.)

Also, I may soon be getting a graphic from Gyromite to fill its space on the MIDI page -- though AOL's mail server is taking every available measure to make that acquisition as difficult as is earthly possible.

Have a good afternoon, and remember, there are only 111 shopping days until Christmas Day.

Well, I got tired of saying "that's all."

Again, I'm in something of a hurry, so I'll just plunge right into the update.

First, I was finally sent a smidge more information regarding Nintendo Cereal. It can be found on the "Other" page in the NES Media section.

Also, it has occured to me, in part at the instigation of a particularly defamatory piece of e-mail, that the introduction to my "Battletoads" review was way too far out in left field as far as interpretation is concerned. To that end, I've changed it.

Finally, I've added some new MIDIs. They are:

Deja Vu - Bouts of Amnesia, Death/Arrest, Ending Theme
Duck Tales - Transylvania
Mega Man - Stage Select
Mega Man V
- Battle With Dr. Wily, Napalm Man Stage
Mega Man VI - Prologue
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom - Level 2
Tecmo Super Bowl (new section) - Ending

(In a frenzied rush.) That'sallfornowbyebye. (Presses enter and runs out the door, doing 0 to Mach 49 in two seconds before realizing that the computer is still on.)

Well, not as many people voted as I would have liked, but results of the Front Page MIDI Poll are conclusive enough to declare the matter complete.

Also, I have uploaded several new MIDIs. They are:

Deja Vu - Title Screen
Duck Tales (new section) - Stage Select, Title Screen
Fester's Quest (new section) - Overworld
Gauntlet - Stage 1, (Some Other) Stage, Treasure Room
Gyromite (new section) - Stage Music
Jackal (new section) - Stage 2
Mega Man 5 - Gravity Man Stage (better), Wave Man Stage (better)
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom (new section) - Level 1

That'll be all for now. Have a good evening.

Yes, it has been a while. Unfortunately, I haven't much to show for it. I've only created a page that explains my priorities in reviewing, posted another link, and enacted the temporary "Front Page MIDI" poll in which I hope you have already voted. If you haven't, please do so.

I've uploaded several new MIDIs. They are as follows.
Faxanadu - Houses/Shops
Metal Storm (new section) - Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4
Shadowgate - Title Screen
Super Mario Bros. 2 - After Defeating World Bosses
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Battling Mini-Bosses, Sewers

Also, I've added a couple of new links and a clarification to the FAQ page.

Plus, you'll have already noticed another in the cavalcade of front page background MIDIs. Yes, I will pick one eventually.

Well, after a small hiatus, I've returned, and elected to postpone the alteration of the site's introductory message. Instead, I have written a review of Vice: Project Doom.

In my ongoing pursuit of the perfect front-page tune, I have changed it. The one presently playing on that page is from Ironsword, the game that lends its knight to this site's logo. No, I won't implement random commands. There IS a perfect MIDI out there.

Also, to those of you who have been asking me to link to your sites, I know I've been remiss in that. I'll get to it next time. In the mean time, half my focus is presently devoted to finishing this message so I can go to sleep. I know it's only 9 PM, but as I've so often said, I'm not a night person.

There were three little kittens, and a pair of mittens, and three little bears sitting on chairs, and a comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush and a run-on sentence. Good night glow (of the moon). Good night flow. Good night ebb. And good night web.

My apologies. I'm very tired.

More alterations today (and, unfortunately, no content updates.) To begin, I have changed the FAQ page, as many of the questions were not truly "Frequently Asked Questions." Rather, they were simply formalities, designed to serve as manifestoes for NES-preservationists. They only of those questions that remains is the first. The others are legitimate.

Also, to further The NES Enshrined's endeavor toward unfaltering coverage of the NES, and due to the fact that I never did begin it, I have eliminated the Non-NES MIDI Library, and any reference this site contains to it. That portion of the site will never come to fruition, so please don't submit files for it.

I have also embedded a new background sound to the front page, furthering my pursuit of the ideal front page MIDI.

Now the only alteration remaining is the page's introduction, which I want to make a bit less trite than the "Welcome" message. Well, that will come later, and then it's back to the generation of new content. Until then...

I guess I'm in some kind of spring-cleaning mentality, for most of today's updates are internal. As you've seen (or rather, heard) I changed the MIDI on the front page. I'll probably try a few different ones before I pick any particular song. My only reason for changing it is that the old one was really beginning to get on my nerves. Also, I fixed many of the flawed links in the "Links" section, and changed the backgroud music on the MIDI Submission page to a song from an NES game. Previously, it was from the SNES game Final Fantasy Mystic Quest -- a great game, but not an NES game, thus the inclusion of one of its songs on this site seemed a bit of a faux pas. Incidentally, no, I won't take "Magic Carpet Ride" off the FAQ page... which needs to be updated... Well, I'll get to that next time.

The only content update is the uploading of one MIDI, being:
Galaga (new section) - Play Begins

By the by, said MIDI is quite short.

That's all for today.

Upon further reflection, I realize that the only improvement my reviews really needed was the evaluation of more salient points, and better proofreading. Thus, I introduce the first review of the new era -- the evaluation of Zelda II. All reviews hereafter will invoke the scored evaluation in this one.

I also added background music to the Baseball Simulator 1.000 review.

There are now four new MIDIs available:

Baseball Simulator 1.000 (new section) - Ultra League Games
Faxanadu - Defeat
StarTropics - Action Areas, Within Alien Ship

I apologize for the scarcity of updates. I've been a little busy. Anyway, I may finally get around to writing a new review tomorrow.

The ruminator is free from his shell and his malaise. Thus, I come to you with renewed enthusiasm and appreciation for... well, pretty much everything.

Anyway, I have, as promised, uploaded a hefty quantity of MIDIs. They are:

Blaster Master - Area 2
The Immortal (New Section) - Opening
Ironsword (New Section) - "Bonus Chance", Final Battle, Purple Mountain, Stores, Title Screen, Underwater, Water Elemental
Mega Man 3 - Dr. Wily Stage, Second Two Portions (New Version)
Might & Magic (New Section)
- Title Screen
Mother - Title Screen
Rampage (New Section)
- George's Theme
Robocop (New Section) - Main Level
StarTropics - Captain Bell's Shrine, Conversing with Village Chiefs, Sub-C, Towns - Miracola and All After, Traps
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (New Section) - Overworld
Ultima: Exodus - Caves, Ship
Wizards & Warriors
- Boss Battles, Cave Levels, Critical Status, Forest Levels, Ironspire, Title Screen (New Version), Within Tree Trunks

Well, that's all for today. Enjoy.

Sorry if I led you to believe this was only my wish of a happy Independence Day. Make no mistake, I hope you are all having happy Fourths, but that isn't the sole purpose of this message.

I've come to a realization -- a rather sobering realization for someone who values written expression as much as I do. That realization -- though it may seem silly to you -- is that some of my reviews (especially the more recent ones) are not very well done.

Now, maybe this is insignificant to you. Maybe you don't care about reviews. That's fine with me. But if that's the case, I recommend that you not view the coming rumination. You won't care about it.

The following includes an outline of how I intend to improve the quality of my reviews.

The reason for the mediocre nature of my reviews is not that I am a bad writer. Though I doubt myself a good bit, I have never believed my writing to be "bad" -- reviews, yes; writing, no. The reason is simply that I have been applying the wrong authorial devices to my reviews -- they are better suited to fiction. I can remedy this by recognizing my errors, and correcting them in future reviews. I have no intention of revising the existing reviews, since I still have many to write. My resolution to improve this predicament is divided among the changes I must make to future reviews, and the result of reading other people's game reviews which I find superior to my own. Again, please don't read this if you're not interested in my Vestal-esque self-examination. The resolutions are:

1. I Will Implement Structure - Past reviews have been disorganized, and tend to ramble unnecessarily. Also, I've observed that I tend to write two introductory paragraphs. From my point of view, this is inappropriate in the review form of writing. All future reviews will feature an order of purpose, and cover more relevant things.

2. I Will Clarify My Sentences - I tend to ramble quite a bit, saying in each sentence everything I think is pertinent. From this point on, I will be more selective in the points I choose to make, or at least divide them among more than one sentence. This will probably be the hardest to uphold for me. I'm rather attached to the notion of saying every last thing I want to say.

3. I Will Stop Making Dumb Points - I tend to gloss over the important facets of a game to point out irrelevant things. My only reason for doing so is because I find those little observations interesting. I now realize that you probably don't. Even if you do, they aren't really appropriate in a review -- at least in the excess that I use them. I'll probably lessen the quantity of these observations, rather than completely eliminate them.

4. I Will Proofread More Carefully Before Posting - To this point, I have proofread my reviews for only one thing: typeographical errors. That is not sufficient. From now on, I will carefully proofread for unclear statements, repetitive or incorrect word usage, and pretty much anything else that might detract from the quality of my reviews.

5. I Will Be More Critical and Less Informative ("critical" meaning "in the nature of a critic", not "obsessively nitpicky") - In the Ultima: Exodus review, much of the text was occupied by a description of every single type of store the game features, without any real need for it. I seemed to have forgotten what a "review" is, because I did very little other than list fact after fact after fact, without much evaluation of the game at all.

To reiterate, I'm not going to rewrite the existing reviews. I can promise you, however, that all future reviews will follow the above resolutions to the best of my abilities. My site should deserve the award it received in all of its departments.

Thank you for listening to me brood, and I apologize for wasting your time. I have many new MIDIs that I'll probably start uploading tomorrow, just to compensate for having forced this on you. Again, I'm sorry. I just needed to vent, and thought it prudent to let you know that my future reviews will undergo a change in style. I'm sorry (I feel I have to end this address with an apology.)

Well, it's taken days upon days of preparation (excluding the time spent on vacation), and a regiment of revision Fitzgerald would find maniacal. However, I am finally ready to unveil the "new section" I, nine days ago, thought would take only one day to complete. My... the naiveté that ruled that moment was without measure.

Anyway, I now present to you the NES Media section.

Also, The NES Enshrined has received its first award: The NES Temple Seal of Quality. I didn't seek out this award or otherwise advertise for it. It was given to me based on the merits of my site. Go figure. Click on the image of the award to go to the NES Temple. It is displayed on the front page.

Incidentally, The NES Enshrined is the award's first recipient.

I have also joined another webring. That's all for today.

To begin, I have written a review of Willow.

Also, I uploaded several MIDIs to the library. They include:
Deja Vu (new section) - Bar, Men's Room, Office, Wine Cellar.
Journey to Silius (new section) - Stage 1

Tomorrow, I may add a new section, if time permits. Whatever transpires, that will be my next update, even if it doesn't come tomorrow.

That will be the case, that is, unless my bandwidth is entirely used up by now. I'm running very low on space, and if there is not room, the next update, of course, will be the move to a new server.

Also, in the event that I won't get the chance to update tomorrow, you should know that I'm going out of town this weekend. I'll be back on Monday, but the earliest I'll be able to update after tomorrow is the aforementioned Monday. Just wanted to let you know.

Today, I uploaded several MIDIs. They are as follows:

Double Dragon - Mission 2
Faxanadu - First Overworld Theme
StarTropics - Overworld, Title Screen
Super Mario Bros. - All Underworld Levels, Invincibility

I also added a portion to the bio that explains the origin of my screen name.

Aside from having lessened the size of the logo, I have composed and uploaded a review of Ice Hockey, and changed a couple of the background sounds (including the one on this page.)

Well, I've spent some time updating today. The most conspicious of the updates is obviously the title graphic, which I'm beginning to think is too big. Thus, I'll probably shorten it tomorrow.

Anyway, Funcoland worked much to my favor the other day, and I am now the owner of thirteen more NES games, including many classics that were conspiciously absent from my collection. All this translates into for the moment is the fact that I now have thirteen more games to review.

Also, I've uploaded many new MIDIs, listed below:
Faxanadu - Eolis: The Elf Town
Mega Man III - Credits
Ninja Gaiden - First Meeting with Bloody Malth, First Meeting with Jaquio
Tetris - Type-C Music
Ultima: Exodus (new section) - Ambrosia, Battle, Castles, Overworld, Talking to Lord British, Towns

I also incorporated one of the songs from Ultima: Exodus into its review. That's all for now.

I have written and posted a review of Ultima: Exodus. Enjoy it in good health... or something. I'll think of a better random piece of advice next time.

I've added many more MIDIs today. They are as follows:
Adventures of Lolo (new section) - First Floor
Bomberman (new section) - Start of Stages, Stage 1
Bucky O'Hare (new section) - Stage Select, Title Screen
Donkey Kong (new section) - After Pushing "Start", Mario is Defeated, Start of Levels
Dragon Warrior - Battle
Kirby's Adventure (new section) - Butter Building, Grape Garden, Nightmare, Vegetable Valley
Mega Man - Boss Battles, End of Levels (after defeating boss)
Shadowgate (new section) - Balcony, Title Screen (These were submitted by waspam@fiber-net.com)
Super Mario Bros. 2 - Sub-Space
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Mushroom House, World 8 (Castle of Koopa)
Wizards & Warriors - Potion

Later on 5-17-98:
9:37 PM. For those of you night people out there, I'm not one of you, and I'm tired as hell. Anyway, I've posted a review of Nintendo World Cup in the Game Reviews section that I am presently too tired to proofread. That's all for this evening.

At present, I have only added a new link. I cannot promise any more today. I am very busy this weekend, and the most I'll be able to get done is one review -- this being a review that I have not, as of this writing, started.

Oh yeah! I also changed to background music on this page.

I've added many new MIDIs to the NES MIDI Library. These are they:
Dragon Warrior III - Adventure Log Screen, Battle With Zoma, Credits, Jipang, Overworld, Phantom Ship, Pyramid, Sailing Ship, Shrine, Towers, Villages
Faxanadu - Boss Music (side comment: EUREKA! At last, another Faxanadu MIDI.)
Mega Man 6 - Dr. Wily Stage, Final Battle, Stage Select Screen
Pipe Dream (new section) - Music Type-1
Super Mario Bros. 3 - World 5 (Sky World), World 6 (Ice World)

That's all. I think I'm going to get back into the reviews soon (the grave of intention and the dawn of action, so to speak.)

Many new MIDIs have been uploaded today, including a few new sections. They are as follows:
(Adventure Island - Area 1; Balloon Fight - Balloon Trip; Batman: Return of the Joker - Level 1; Dr. Mario - Chill, Fever, Title Screen; Kid Icarus - Castle, Overworld, Sky World; Kung Fu - Level Song; Super Mario Bros. 3 - "Spade" Games; Tetris - A-Type Music; Zelda 2 - Boss Battles, Great Palace)

That's all for now.

Happy Derby Day! I've added a few things to my bio, and corrected some of the grammatical errors on this site. Also, I have uploaded some more MIDIs to the NES MIDI Library. These include:
Bionic Commando (new section) - Level 1, Map
Castlevania III - Level 1
Dragon Warrior II - Battle, Castle, Cave, Defeat, both Overworld themes, Sailing Ship, Tower

That's all for today.

Today, I added some missing information to the Disclaimer, and a listing of every video game I own. I have also uploaded the "Road to the 1st Castle" music from Kid Icarus, and added a link to a fan fiction archive belonging to a friend of mine. More will ensue in the coming days now that I've tied up all the loose ends, and had a little fun with the personal touches. I guess it's "back to the salt mines" for my next update.

I have incorporated background music into the Disclaimer and Webring pages, and finally fixed the text size problem with Netscape. More may come later, but now, I have other things to do.

All I have done today is fix three broken links in the NES MIDI Library (Mega Man - Guts Man Stage; Super Mario Bros. 2 - All Overworld Levels; and Zelda - After Link's Defeat) and add a Disclaimer.

Later on 4-26-98:
Well, it's taken some time, but the NES MIDI Library is now alphabetically complete. That is, I have uploaded all the MIDIs I had prior to starting the archive that remained to be uploaded. However, I still have many MIDIs I have since acquired that need to be uploaded. That will be saved for another day. Today, for the record, I uploaded MIDIs from Pinball, Popeye, Punch-Out!!, Rygar, Section Z, Startropics, Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, & 3, Tennis, Tetris, Wizards & Warriors, Zanac, Zelda, and Zelda II. Enjoy them. That's an order :)

ATTENTION: For those of you who aren't aware of this, the proprieter of the Ninja Gaiden Homepage asks that modified versions of his MIDI files not be distributed. Now, after downloading a few of his his MIDIs (namely the NG2 1-1 and NG1 4-3 MIDIs) some time back, I resequenced them so they would sound better with my sound card. However, by the time I posted them, I'd had those MIDIs for so long that I had forgotten they were not in the original format. I have since rectified my little mistake by posting the authentic versions of those files. If you downloaded the modified versions any time last night, DO NOT distribute them. I would prefer, but cannot force, that they (my modified versions) be deleted from you hard drive(s). However, my only real concern is that they NOT BE DISTRIBUTED any further. All this from one instrument...

More updates will come later today.

Later on 4-25-98:
I have uploaded MIDIs from Ninja Gaiden II and Ninja Gaiden III, updated this portion of the site, and now I'm going to bed. You can find these MIDIs, as all others, at the NES MIDI Library.

For the moment, I have uploaded MIDIs from Metroid, Mother, and Ninja Gaiden. I am going to take a bit of a break now, but I may come back and update more later on. I the mean time, enjoy the MIDIs.

I have uploaded MIDIs from all the remaining Mega Man games (that is, those for which no MIDIs were previusly posted.) This process takes a lot more time than it seems it should.
For the record, I am collecting MIDIs from games I already have posted, as well as games whose alphabetical position I have passed. I am simply not going back before I have all pre-existing MIDIs posted, and I have many games remaining.

Okay, I know that site updates have been "almost" daily much in the same sense that twelve is "about" 2.7 million. However, just because I haven't physically done anything to the site does not mean I haven't thought of it. I've spent some time contemplating the future of this site. My bandwidth is rapidly becoming exhausted, and I do not feel the site is remotely near my ultimate hope for it. Thus, I have had to formulate a plan, and today, after some contemplation, I did so conclusively.

OK, here's the deal:
For the time being, The NES Enshrined will remain on the AOL Members Server. More specifically, it will remain here until my available bandwidth is entirely used up. At that time (whenever it will be), the site will move to a new host server. I have no idea what this server will be, but I am considering many possibilities. All loaded files other than the actual pages (HTMLs) will probably remain on the AOL member server and be linked to the site at its new location. The move is not immediate in the least, and all appropriate parties will be properly informed prior to it.
Also, in an effort to conserve my present space, the Non-NES MIDI Library will be held in an indefinite limbo until the move, which, as I previously stated, has no set date, and is not coming any time soon.

On a completely different note, I have uploaded my collection of MIDIs from Mega Man 2. I promise, they will start coming out in more volumized numbers now that I have made my decision as to the fate of this site.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.

I've posted what MIDIs I have from Life Force and Mega Man. Also, I have spent a lot of time gathering up graphics for the previously graphic-less games listed in the MIDI Library, so don't go complaining to me about my broken promise of daily updates (I said almost daily anyway.)

Later on 4-9-98:
I have added a MIDI from Crystalis, and a new one from Dragon Warrior. Also, I have incorporated graphics into the NES MIDI archive, and corrected my misspelling on one occasion of "bandwidth". For the record, no, I don't have a life.

I have added more MIDIs, from Final Fantasy II and III (Japanese), The Guardian Legend, Ice Hockey, Kid Icarus, Legacy of the Wizard, and Lemmings. All of these uploaded MIDIs are listed in the NES MIDI Library.

Yes, I know it has been a while. Anyway, my workload has lightened itself significantly, allowing me more time to work on the site. In addition, the NCAA Tournament came to an end, and, once again, one of the top four seeds won it all, and the farthest any significant underdog got was the round of 16. Heaven forbid fate should do anything to make me happy. Oh well, win or lose, I'll never forget Valparaiso.
Anyway, I have added the beginnings of my NES MIDI Library, which, when completed, I feel will qualify my site for admittance into the much ballyhooed "Game Music Ring". Presently, there are still a good number of MIDIs I need to upload to the NES Library before it will be complete. I have also made provisions for a Non-NES MIDI Library, but I have not even begun to work on that.
In addition, I have added background music to a few of the pages that previously had none.

My Prediction: By 2024, the US Government will declare a "National Webmasters Day".

The Clash at Demonhead review is now complete.

Thanks to some new coding, I've fixed the background music such that it works with all web browsers and not only Netscape. I also completed the Castlevania II review. Currently working on "Clash at Demonhead".

Sorry I didn't update this section before. Anyway, I added my bio, an essential part of the page of anyone with an ego as big as mine.

I've added reviews of Blaster Master and Captain Skyhawk. Castlevania is next.

Lotta updates today. As you Netscape users are aware, I've incorporated background music using Crescendo. Also, you'll notice the box for the NES Webring of Power is now on my site. This site is not yet officially a member of the ring, but I have applied. If I am rejected, I will take the box down. Also, there is a new review complete with graphics.

I added a few more of my own graphics to this page, a pseudo-FAQ page, quite a few more links, and at least one more review (I don't know if I'm going to have time to do more or not.) Also, on a side note, there is now a link to my page on Mr. Groove's 8-Bit Nostalgia. I'll stop for a moment to inhale the vapors of success.......... Mmm, smells like maple.

I've spent a lot of time gathering up graphics for this site, finally using my own resources and unbecoming the leech of all NES Related sites. I added a lot of graphics to the Abadox and Air Fortress reviews, and also added a review of Baseball Simulator 1.000.

I added a review of Astayanax, one of the few games I like better for its action than its plot.

I beefed up the two existing reviews, and added a few more. That's all.

There are no content updates today. I've only fixed some problems. Anyway, thanks to SpuneDagr and his "LView" program, I think I've fixed the Netscape graphic problem (they work now.) The text size remains, and shall remain for an unknown amount of time, a problem. "Netscape Now" my aunt Fanny...

Not much of an update today. I was informed by a friend of mine that the first graphic on my page can't be viewed by anyone else, so I fixed it.

Later on 1-11-98:
More graphics have been added. I also added the ubiquitous craze known as the "counter". All those zeroes are really depressing, though. As soon as the site gets a little more substantial, I'm planning on submitting it for admittance into one of the NES webrings.

Added a couple of reviews, a few more graphics, my mail link, and a "Links" section (which has nothing to do with chains and/or sausage, for those of you who are looking to invoke an easy pun.)

"What's new?" you ask. Pretty much the whole site. This site is still in its fledgling state, and may never leave that state (I'm not a very dedicated individual, this site is just one of my many pipe dreams.) Anyway, more pages than what you see now will likely be added to the site before the inevitable "This is too much work -- I just don't care anymore" cop-out will pass my lips. Well, let's enjoy it while it lasts.

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