Had your fill of my heartfelt NES testimonials for now? I'll try not to hold that against you. Anyway, if you're looking for links, this is the place to go (at least within the confines of my site.)

-NES Related-

The Internet NES Database - Out of the sporadically updated rubble of 8 Bits of Power comes this site, and it is glorious. This could possibly be the most expansive site of its kind, or, at the very least, the best organized.

The Ninja Gaiden Home Page - This site is not exclusively NES-related, but its main focus is the first three games of this classic series, all of which appeared on and only on the NES.

The NES Hall of Greatness - A greatly ambitious page that is still very small, but has a lot of potential to become one of the best NES-dedicated pages on the web.

Dragon Warrior Guild - Like mine, a site that is always growing. This is the source of some of my Dragon Warrior graphics.

Classic Review Archive - My mind is elsewhere at the moment, and I can't think of any way to explain the purpose of this site that doesn't sound like I'm repeating its title. Basically, this site reviews NES games (and a few others) -- quite well-done, I might add.

tsr's NES archive - This is one of the foremost NES-related sites on the Web. Anybody who has any interest in the NES or its sites had best go here.

The Toneman's Page O' HappiNES - A very innovative NES site. Destined for greatness, if I know anything about superiority (which I really don't.)

The Video Game Lair - A very well-crafted site, run by someone who is respectful to those who view his page. It also has many excellent reviews.

Sanctuary Moon - A site dedicated to classic video games and the scanning of bizzare pictures. It is still growing, but I see a lot of potential here. This site is marvelously informative, and well worth visiting.

Spazzoids NES Stuff - The ideal harmony of personality and NES information. GO THERE!

8-Bit Nostalgia - A page loaded to the gills with ROMs, MIDIs, and other such things.

Nintendo Review Archive - This is a marvelous site with a cornucopia of well-crafted reviews. It deserves a gander from all, which is why I must feel a trifle foolish for having taken such time to establish a link to it. Eight months of such neglect... uh-uh, not acceptable.

NES House - A very new site with some images and reviews. Let us all wish well in the quest for greatness.

The NES Days - A site (formerly known as NES Heaven) with a vast array of interesting sections. Worth visiting, but those like me will have to overlook the proprietors' respective tastes in music. Bear in mind, beyond "They Might Be Giants," my interest in popular music tops out around 1971. After that, my fanship is pledged to a fellow named Uematsu. That aside, The NES Days is an interesting site.

BigIcarus' Fortress - A brand new site, maintained by an individual with whom I've spoken in earnest. I can tell that he will bring this site to the splendor it can attain.

UncaC's NES ROM Page - A new, but already expansive ROM archive.. Though its proprietor's means of continuing to add to it are oblivious to me -- given AOL's bandwidth constraints -- I must say I respect his gumption for gooing ahead despite those restrictions.

NES Maniac - Yet another new NES site (seem to be a lot of those lately.) At present, the bulk of this site consists of articles written by the proprietor, some of which have interesting perspectives.

Oblib's NES and SNES Emulation and ROMs Homepage - The breadth of this site impresses me. It contains quite a lot of ROMs, and information about other things. However, I must admit that it was the proprietor's fondness for both "The Beatles" and "They Might Be Giants" that really won my favor. That, however, isn't to imply that the rest of the site is not good (if you can find someone more paranoid of being misunderstood than I, please get out your helmets. You'll have some brimstone-dodging in store.)

The Old-School Gamer - A whimsical, lighthearted site with numerous brief reviews, information regarding Japanese games, and several other entertaining sections. Eminently fun.

The System - Please, upon reaching this site, do not be deterred by the annoying font. "The System" contains very expansive archives of manuals and box art, as well as budding review and editorial sections, and the bizarre "NES Happening."

Dragon Warrior: A NES Classic - A tribute to the entire Dragon Warrior series -- not only the NES installments, as the title may imply. It is quite refreshing to find some information regarding Dragon Quest V that extends beyond "this game wasn't released in the United States."

Suite Wizardry - An expanding archive of MIDIs from the obscure series that graces its moniker. Nothing quite like a MIDI with a good string section...

The NES CD Project - One enterprising fellow's attempt to gather all available NES information onto a CD. An interesting concept -- and, given the fickle tendencies of some servers, a bit of permanence might be nice.

Dark Warrior's NES Shrine - A vast array of sections comprise this site, thereby inviting one to examine it. Go for the cookies, stay for the pie (I'm very tired right now.)

Nintendo Trading Online - An outlet for game trading, as its name implies. If you're looking for an exchange, go here.


SpuneDagr's Dungeon - A VERY personalized homepage of a good friend of mine. This site serves as a window into one of the few minds in the world that is more bizarre than my own. If you like personal miscellany, this is the place to go.

RPG Picture Gallery - This is a tremendously well-orchestrated site with scanned pictures of many characters, enemies, and bosses from numerous Role-Playing Games.

RPGamer - Formerly Square Net, but probably best remembered as the UnOfficial SquareSoft Homepage. This page has changed its thrust since the departure of Andrew Vestal (adieu, Andy) from Squaresoft to RPGs in general. Anyone familiar with "video game" related web sites probably already knows of this site, and knows that it deserves linkage. Who am I to argue with success?

Videogame Music Archive - Like the name implies, this is an archive of video game music (in MIDI format.) One of the most extensive, if not THE most extensive of such archives on the web.

The Palace of Wisdom - I like this site quite a lot, principally because I agree with everything the proprietor says. Everything regarding video games, philosophy, and anything else of that ilk seems common between us. Mind you, the title of the site is just a handle. It is not run by a guru of any kind.

Kupan's Literature Centre - A collection of fan fiction composed by the proprieter, who is quite a fine writer, if I do say so myself. If the adage that it takes a writer to judge a writer is true, then I am justified in saying that he is pretty good. Kup's site has also inspired the two personal portions of this site (the bio and listing of every game I own.)

Games Terminal - A UK-based outlet for used and new games alike. I'm not sure why they asked me to link to them, as they don't have any NES merchandise. Still, if you're interested in finding used games for other systems (which I am, to a less-than-staggering degree,) this outfit is worth a look.

Nintendo's Real Life - You know, there's a threshold between preventing the appearance of hypocrisy and outright bigotry (well, maybe that's a little strongly put.) I almost crossed that threshold with this site. That is, I almost turned it down because it has a few N64-oriented sections/graphics. However, after going through the site in earnest, I came to realize where the proprietor's foremost sympathies rest, and they're not with the N64. There's a lot of wit to this site, and even more sentiment. It's an all-in-all enjoyable experience, even with the N64 portions. It is for the enjoyability -- the sentiment -- that I elected to link to this site. Call me a hypocrite if you must. Hell, I probably am -- but at least I'm an ecumenical hypocrite.

Will's Corner of the Web - A unique, growing site with brief reviews of both anime and certain video games. It is also worth visiting for the many unique -- if more-than-passively wacky -- graphics.


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