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I deleted the message that previously occupied this space because it was unbelievably arrogant. These are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding this site and/or myself. Don't operate on the assumption that I will not answer any of these questions if they are asked of me. I might, however, be a little curt.


I. Why does the world need another NES Page? There are too many as it is.
Anyone who would ask this question clearly has no idea how many people the NES touched. It became a microcosm for an entire generation's leisure time, and then some. Nintendo Power's circulation was astronomical in those days. As long as these people -- these people who loved the NES, and associate it with a more halcyon time in their lives -- still live, and still have something to say about the impact the NES had upon them, then every NES page will be relevant, and there will be no such thing as "too many."

II. What's so bad about the Nintendo 64?
I refuse to get into a heated debate about that system. The points of this argument have already been stated ad nauseam. Aside from which, I'm not terribly predisposed to debate. Why should I want to change anybody's opinion anyway? Everyone is entitled to belive what they desire to believe. If I don't like the Nintendo 64, that's fine. If you do like it, that's fine too.

III. Will you trade/sell your games?
No. The collection I possess has been many years in the making, and I'm not about to take away from it. If you have a game I want, the chances are quite good that I can find it without relinquishing any of my games. As for the prospect of sale, if you think you can make an offer that will persuade me, your negotiations are best directed elsewhere. No amount of money (and I include Bill Gates' annual income in this statement) will compel me to break up my collection in however infinitesimal a way. The reason you're willing to pay so much for one of my games -- that's the exact reason I won't accept your offer (unless you're just plain capitalistic and have no interest in the sentimental meaning of the NES.)

IV. Can I submit a MIDI?
Of course. Further information regarding file submission can be found at the NES MIDI and MIDI Submission pages.

V. Will you link to my page?
Yes, under most circumstances. Your site doesn't have to be NES-devoted to receive linkage -- as is probably implied by the "Miscellaneous" link section. If you want me to link to your site, please mail me with the URL. There are very few circumstances under which I will not link to your site. To provide forewarnment, those circumstances are:

1) SUSPICIOUSLY FAMILIAR TEXT - If I see text on your site that looks identical to what I have seen on my or any other web site, but credits nobody for having originated it, I will not link to your site. In addition, if it is not my text your site seems to have copied, I will notify the proprietor of the site from which your text seems to be taken. Beyond that, action taken rests in their hands.

This criterion refers to text that is identical or nearly so to text I have previously seen. If your site contains similar observations as another, THAT IS JUST FINE.

Thankfully, I've never had to invoke the wrath of this criterion.

2) SEXUAL REFERENCES AS A MAINSTAY - No mature individual is going to be offended by the occasional innuendo. However, if sexual references are used in excess, or are the primary selling-point of your site, there are those among us who will take umbrage. I'm aware that I am probably a trifle prudish. Notwithstanding that awareness, I still don't have much tolerance for obvious, deliberate, or explicit sexual references. Thus, I won't link to any site that uses them excessively.

My tolerance for swearing and violent statements is much greater. I've been known to use a few expletives myself from time to time. However, I will not link to a site that founds itself solely upon four-letter words or the expression of violent desires. Make sure there is some substance to your site beyond that before you ask me to link to it.

3) DESTRUCTIVE JAVA - If you have background sounds, that's fine. As you can hear, I use them myself. However, if your site's Java causes my browser to crash on seven consecutive attempts to load it, I will be forced to reject it. I can't link to what I can't view, after all.

4) N64-ORIENTED CONTENT - It's not that I think N64-related sites are not valid -- that they don't serve an outlet of interest. They do. Again, if you like the Nintendo 64, that's fine with me as long as you don't strive to change my opinion. However, it would be hypocritical of me to link to such a page. Granted, the proprietor of an N64 site wouldn't likely want me to link to his/her page anyway.

To clarify, I will not necessarily refuse linkage to a site that has a few mentions of the Nintendo 64. However, if it seems to be the main focus of your site, I'll have to turn you down.

VI. Where can I find a ROM of [this game]?
Ask the proprietor of a ROM library, use a search engine, or -- at the risk of seeming provincial to those of you youthful, aspiring retro gamers -- buy the cartridge itself. Beyond acquiring graphics for this site, I have no interest in ROMs.

VII. Why didn't you respond to my e-mail?
There could be any number of reasons. If you mailed me requesting a link, please know that I often put those off until I have sufficient time to look over the site in question. Ordinarily, I try to inform those who make such requests of any potential delay, but there are a few occasions on which I just forget.

Also, due to my rather busy lifestyle and a need for sleep that, when held in comparison to the rest of my generation, seems freakish, extended periods of time when I am completely unable to get online are not entirely uncommon. In those cases, I can offer little more reassurance than to request that you be patient and wait for me to find the time.

Finally, I should state that I never respond to flames.



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