Criteria for MIDI Submission


So you want to submit a MIDI? Good. The more the merrier. However, I have a few minimum criteria, which are relatively simple to follow if you know what you're doing.

Your MIDI Should Be:

Authentic: This basically means that your file should be relatively near to the song upon which it is based in terms of foreground and background sounds. Please make certain that the background music does not overshadow the foreground music. That is a pet peeve of mine. This criteria does not mean that I will not accept remixes or songs with alternative instrumentation (piano only, electric guitar, chime melody, etc.) All it means is what I first said. Needless to say, this criterion does not apply to games I have never played.

Documented: Sent to my e-mail address with the title or event of the song in question listed. The game in which it appears must also be included in the message.

Just to clarify, your MIDI does not have to be one of your own composition. It can simply be one you possess that I don't.

That's about all.

Please send MIDI submssions to this address(


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