Publisher: Taxan
Genre: Action/Adventure
Year of Release: 1989

Date Reviewed: 1-11-98 ("Old Era")

AAAAAGGGHHH! In retrospect, I think the only viable reason for my purchasing this game was so I could have a game that preceded Abadox alphabetically. The game attempted to unify Castlevania and Mega Man by setting up eight levels that can be assailed in any order, and giving them labyrinthian, maze-like interiors. It is an appealing concept, but between the slow-moving action, unassailable levels, the main character's completely absent pain threshold, and this innane bird that is impossible to control in the one-player mode, 8 Eyes is one of the most poorly executed good ideas in videogaming history.

I endeavored to make the best of this game with great effort. However, when in half of the levels I could not get past the first room (and I've won titles playing video games), I was aghast. This game was far beyond the gap between the HDL and LDL of challenge, the graphics were dull and inappropriate (I do not remember the Taj Mahal as being pink), and the very idea of controlling two different characters with only two buttons still brings a chuckle to me, as does the idea of anyone buying this game.

That's enough. This game doesn't deserve any more print.

My Score: 2

As you can see, the graphics are cluttered, and, for some, nauseating (that's not an exaggeration.)

It would have been nice if the bird actually DID something.

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