Nomination Round

(This exists only for archival purposes now, but just to give you an idea of how this whole proceeding got started...)

-Rules for Nomination-

Those familiar with Loogaroo's Game Show Tourney will recall that it was preceded by a period in which the participants "nominated" their favorite game shows (in this case, they will be NES games, needless to say) for the main competition. I have extended that tradition here, with certain variations (for example, the points accorded each of your selections).

The rules for this round are outlined below. Please read them before you begin nominating.

  • In this round, you select your twenty favorite NES games in descending order of your favor for them. Order is important, as different point values are assigned to different slots, and point totals will determine what game is given what seed.
  • Because I am never able to decide upon a single game as my superlative favorite, I have included an option by which you may appoint two different games to the #1 position. However, if you elect to do so, you may not select a "#2". Rather, you should skip #2, as your next entry would, technically speaking, be your third favorite game. Pay attention to how the nomination slots are labeled. If I see that you have entered two first choices and a second choice, I will score the second one as though it were a third choice, and so on down your list. If you submit twenty-one entries, I will not count the twenty-first. If you vote for the same game twice, I will count the higher position and nullify the lower one.
  • You do not have to fill out all twenty entries, but I will accept no ballot with fewer than fifteen.
  • Games are nominated independent of any series to which they belong. Therefore, I will not accept entries that nominate an entire series in one position. If, for example, you list "Mega Man", I will assume you are referring to the first game. If you nominate a series, I will, rather than void your ballot, give that nomination's value to the member of that series with the highest point total at the time; or, if no game from that series has received any nominations, I will give yours to the first.
  • The nomination round ends on Sunday, June 20th (provided I am available to post the brackets).
  • I am aiming for a field of 64 games. Needless to say, the sixty-four games with the highest point totals at the end of this round will comprise that field. In the event that fewer than sixty-four games are selected, I will either extend the nomination round or fill out the remaining spots with games I think deserving of them. In other words, it may come down simply to my opinion if fewer than sixty-four games are selected, so if you're even thinking of participating, please do. I'm also looking forward to reading those few ballots that may champion unsung games (wherever you are, Cord, I'm counting on you!)
  • In the event that fewer than thirty-two games are selected, the tournament will not continue. I will take that lack of contribution as an indicator that there is no fan base for this sort of thing, and thusly not waste my time with it (unless that scarcity is merely the by-product of people choosing the same games -- but with twenty nominations, I doubt that will happen.)
  • This does not really need to be said, but just to make the point absolutely clear... You may not nominate games for systems other than the NES.
  • In order to insure a sufficient quantity of informed judges for the eventual matches, the round of nomination is confined to games released in the U.S. They need not be licensed, though. In other words, Color Dreams games are acceptable, whereas Famicom games are not.
  • The point values assigned to each spot are as follows:

  • PositionPoints Allotted
    First (additional)20

    Not exactly complicated, is it?

  • To prevent the onslaught of flames certain respondents might inflict upon me when chosen to judge matches, I want to make this last point expressly clear: BY SUBMITTING YOUR NOMINATIONS, YOU ARE CONVEYING TO ME YOUR WILLINGNESS TO JUDGE (that is, determine from a list of two games which was, in your opinion, the better work -- that's all) WHATEVER MATCHES I MIGHT ASSIGN YOU.

    Since I cannot foresee how many people will participate in this round, I have no way of knowing how many matches I will delegate to each individual judge. However, since I plan to devote the early voting periods to isolated regions (eight matches per region), I cannot imagine anyone will be assigned more than three per occasion.

    Judging does not require you to be in a certain place at a certain time. You may submit your votes whenever you want so long as it falls before the stated deadline, so please do not refrain from participating in this round because you believe it will commit you to established meetings. Nothing of that kind is planned.

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