Site: The NES Enshrined is the creation and property of myself (Mike Craig). Any reproduction of the exact text of this site without my prior consent is plagiarism (not really, since it isn't copyrighted or anything), highly unethical (unless you're an absolute relativist -- oxymorons are neat), and will really piss me off (this one's an absolute truth). Simply put, this means that you should not reproduce my words on your site as your own. It does not mean that you can't link to me without asking (I'm trying to erase any semblance of confusion, not to talk down to you, so please don't take offense.) The MIDIs, on the other hand, may be distributed without my prior notification.

Hardware and Games: The Nintendo Entertainment System is a registered trademark of Nintendo, Inc. All NES games are registered trademarks of their respective producers. The cartridge model is a registered trademark of Nintendo, Inc.

Graphics: All footnoted graphics on this site are property of the documented source and should not be used without the consent of that source. All graphics on this site that are not footnoted (please read the footnotes in their entirety, because if I have several consecutive images from a common source, I will not repeatedly document them) have been captured and converted by myself using NESticle, which is a copyright of Bloodlust Software. As stated on the front page, please contact me prior to using those graphics on web pages.

Emulation: Possession of ROMs is illegal, unless you own the original copy of the game, or are downloading them only for resource purposes, as I do to create some of my graphics. If you download a ROM version of a game you do not own, you MUST delete it within 24 hours of download (which really isn't germane to my site, since I don't have a ROM Library. I have written this only to explain my means of acquiring graphics.) Please be respectful to the companies that gave us these games. I am not in the business of "living on the edge", and suggest that, in this case, you "toe the line" as well, even if it means being like me.

MIDIs: Because MIDIs are most often orchestrated as reproductions of existing songs, they are independent of any and all copyright laws. Once a MIDI has been posted on the net, it becomes freely rendered and may be posted on any site at will. As long as one does not claim that a MIDI which is not their own composition is so, there are no legal or ethical violations to the distribution of said MIDI. I do not claim to be the composer of any of the MIDIs on this site.


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